NRCEQUINE - National Research Centre on Equines
Payroll Disbursal 2017-18 (₹ in Rupees)
S.NoInVoice NumberDescriptionAmount
1 04Pay fo the month of March-2019 to National Fellow (Dr. R.K. Goel,NF)130864
2 411Pay for the month of May-2019 off al EPC, VTCC & NRCE Hisar4774633
3 115Pay for the month of April-2019 off al EPC, VTCC & NRCE Hisar4473405
4 03Pay fo the month of March-2019 All NRCE, VTCC, EPC Employee4196336
5 618Pay for the month of June-2019 off al EPC, VTCC & NRCE Hisar4731660
6 1770.Pay for the month of Nov-2019 to All NRCE, EPC & VTCC Staff5102086
7 1489NRCE Staff pay for the month of Oct-20195084864
8 1298.Pay for the month of Sep-2019 of All NRCE Employee4664224
9 1068Pay for the month of Aug-2019 of all NRCE, EPC & VTCC staff4818116
10 826-3Salary of NRCE Staff for the M/o July-20194963614