DGR - Directorate of Groundnut Research
Payroll Disbursal 2017-18 (₹ in Rupees)
S.NoInVoice NumberDescriptionAmount
1 05837salary of admin staff458038
2 05836Salary of Scientist staff1989676
3 05835salary of the SSS staff368455
4 05834salry of the Technical staff for the month of June987380
5 05726Pay bill SSS Staff for the month of May, 2019373447
6 05725Pay bill Administrative Staff for the month of May, 2019458753
7 05724Pay bill Scientific Staff for the month of May, 20191976905
8 05723Pay bill Technical Staff for the month of May, 2019926612
9 05450salary for the month of march SSS staff356368
10 05449Salary for the month of March Scientist staff1954054
11 05448Salary for the month of ,march Admin staff554641
12 05447Salry for the month of March Technical staff884219
13 06654Admin staff salary for the month of Nov-19496232
14 06653Scientist staff salary for the month of Nov-192226386
15 06652SSS staff salary for the month of Nov-19440641
16 06651Technical staff salary for the moth of Nov-19938203
17 06435SSS staff salary OCT-19439330
18 06437Scientist salary for the mont of OCT-192221365
19 06438Admin Staff Salary for the month of OCT-19500866
20 06436tachnical Staff salary for the month of OCT-19996753
21 06281Salary bill SSS staff412021
22 06282salary bill Technical staff920073
23 06279Salary bill Scientific Staff2090641
24 06280Salary bill Admin. Staff477698
25 06121pay bill for SSS staff398874
26 05998Salary SSS staff month of July400644
27 05995Salary scientist staff month of july2074045
28 06123Pay bill for admin staff477418
29 06120Pay bill for technical staff1033518
30 06122pay bill of Scientific staff2076292
31 05996Salary technical staff month of july1039406
32 05997Salary Admin staff month of july477390