NBPGR - National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources
Payroll Disbursal 2017-18 (₹ in Rupees)
S.NoInVoice NumberDescriptionAmount
1 743Salary Bill All Emp. for the m/o Jul-201921143679
2 473Salary Bill for N.P. All Emp. for teh m/o June-201920203818
3 301Salary Bill for N.P. All Emp. for the m/o- May-201920357197
4 116ASalary Bill for N.P. All Emp. for the M/o- Apr-201920430148
5 1815Salary Bill for All Staff. for the M/o- Nov-201921888311
6 1638Salary Bill for N.P for the m/o Oct-201921902359
7 1343.All Emp. Salary Bill for the M/o Ser-201920664958
8 939Salary Bill All. Emp. for the m/o Aug-201920787114