ICAR ATARI ZONE-IX - Agricultural Technology Application Research Institute-IX
Payroll Disbursal 2017-18 (₹ in Rupees)
S.NoInVoice NumberDescriptionAmount
1 155/23.7.19Payment of Salary to JNKVV Staff (R.K.Soni) for the m/o July-1957826
2 154/23.7.19Payment of Salary to class II Officers for the m/o July-19249710
3 153/23.7.19Payment of Salary to class I Officers for the m/o July-19419733
4 70/30.05.2019Salary for the m/o May-1954562
5 69/30.05.2019Salary for the m/o May-19254741
6 68/30.05.2019Salary for the m/o May-19400686
7 31/27-04-2019Salary for the m/o April -19341032
8 116/26-6-19Payment of salary of jnkvv staff for the m/o June-1956112
9 115/26-6-19Payment of salary of second class officers for the m/o June-19254741
10 114/26-6-19Payment of salary of first class officers for the m/o June-19400686
11 33/27-04-2019Salary for the m/o of April - 1954377
12 32/27-04-2019Salary for the m/o of April - 19245492
13 03/01-04-19Salary for the m/o March-201954562
14 02/01-04-19Salary for the m/o Mach-2019246438
15 01/01-04-19Salary for the m/o March-19384992
16 335/23.10.19Salary for the M/o Oct-201957826
17 334/23.10.19Salary for the M/o Oct-2019271049
18 333/23.10.19Salary for the M/o Oct-2019472048
19 378/25.11.19Salary for the m/o Nov-1957826
20 377/25.11.19Salary for the m/o Nov-19271049
21 376/25.11.19Salary for the m/o Nov-19472048
22 262/21.09.19Salary for the m/o Sep-19.57826
23 261/21.09.19Salary for the m/o Sep-19.257598
24 260/21.09.19Salary for the m/o Sep-19.445983
25 212/23.08.19/RectifySalary of staff for the month of Aug-1957826
26 210/23.08.19/rectifySalary of staff for the month of Aug-19445983
27 211/23.08.19/RectifySalary of staff for the month of Aug-19254473