CIFRI - Central Inland Fisheries Research Institute
Payroll Disbursal 2017-18 (₹ in Rupees)
S.NoInVoice NumberDescriptionAmount
1 Sal/Oct..19/341Salary for the month of October,1919090904
2 Sal/Nov.19/378Salary for the month of Nov.2019 HQ & Reg. Centre.14555226
3 Sal/Sept.19/331Salary for the month of Sept.19 HQ and Reg. Centre of CIFRI.16048888
4 Sal/Aug.19/312..Salary for the month of Aug.19.16293760
5 Sal/July,19/177Salary for the month of July,201916448811
6 Sal/May,19/151Salary for the month of May,201915683898
7 Sal/Apr.19/09Salary for April,1919558658
8 adjustment salary march april may june,2019adjustment salary march april may june,201926393000
9 Sal/June,19/Salary for the month of,June,201915116563
10 SAL/Mar.2019/1Salary for the month of March,201914709195