NIASM - National Institute of Abiotic Stress Management
Payroll Disbursal 2017-18 (₹ in Rupees)
S.NoInVoice NumberDescriptionAmount
1 2498Salary bill of NIASM staff for month of August 20192720231
2 002001Salary bill of NIASM staff for month of March 20192572688
3 02002Salary bill of Dr Sachinkumar S Pawar for month of March 201996077
4 2404Salary bill of Dr Narendra Pratap Singh Director for month of July, 2019176905
5 2397NIASM staff salary bill for month of July, 20192807914
6 02125Salary bill for month of May 20192858859
7 2028Salary bill for month of April 201965610