Invoice created Institute Wise 2019-20 till 20 Aug 2019 Printed On:21 Aug 2019
Agricultural Education
S.NoOrganisation NameCountAmount
1AEDI - Agricultural Education Division ICAR4381536435165
3NAARM - National Academy of Agricultural Research Management2085888803531
Agricultural Engineering
S.NoOrganisation NameCountAmount
4CIAE - Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering3042882529757
5CIPHET - Central Institute of Post-harvest Engineering Technology1354225528923
6CIRCOT - Central Institute for Research on Cotton Technology1330350931011
7IINRG - Indian Institute of Natural Resins and Gums81769707181
8NIRJAFT - National Institute of Research on Jute and Allied Fibre Technology68682384715
Agricultural Extension
S.NoOrganisation NameCountAmount
9ATARI I - Agricultural Technology Application Research Institute-I,Ludhiana331514981429
10ATARI II - Agricultural Technology Application Research Institute-II,Jodhpur3401105007112
11ATARI III - Agricultural Technology Application Research Institute-III,Kanpur256471367817
12ATARI IV - Agricultural Technology Application Research Institute-IV, Patna63111899762
13ATARI IX - Agricultural Technology Application Research Institute-IX,Jabalpur282553169302
14ATARI V - Agricultural Technology Application Research Institute-V, Kolkata374405505998
15ATARI VI - Agricultural Technology Application Research Institute-VI, Guwahati9712829
16ATARI VII - Agricultural Technology Application Research Institute-VII,Barapani190400004302
17ATARI VIII - Agricultural Technology Application Research Institute-VIII, Pune20
18ATARI X - Agricultural Technology Application Research Institute-X,Hyderabad310367959833
19ATARI XI - Agricultural Technology Application Research Institute-XI,Bangalore195295974422
20DKMA - Directorate of Knowledge Management in Agriculture33480858297
Animal Science
S.NoOrganisation NameCountAmount
21CARI (AS) - Central Avian Research Institute943220093139
22CIRB - Central Institute for Research on Buffaloes1639178301825
23CIRC - Central Institute for Research on Cattle628174311240
24CIRG - Central Institute for Research on Goats1206270444531
25CSWRI - Central Sheep and Wool Research Institute4040300111747
26DPR - Directorate Of Poultry Research825150932810
27IVRI - Indian Veterinary Research Institute70162965047063
28NBAGR - National Bureau of Animal Genetics Resources1218217371941
29NDRI - National Dairy Research Institute74892130386176
30NIANP - National Institute of Animal Nutrition and Physiology79299448815
31NIHSAD - National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases828180376062
32NIVEDI -National Institute of Veterinary Epidemiology and Disease Informatics833178210480
33NRCCAMEL - National Research Centre on Camel58352744734
34NRCEQUINE - National Research Centre on Equines101794574153
35NRCM - National Research Centre on Meat54655248894
36NRCMITHUN - National Research Centre on Mithun41155873767
37NRCP - National Research Centre on Pig33248132551
38NRCYAK - National Reseach Centre on Yak00
39PDFMD - Project Directorate on Foot and Mouth Disease479110976
Crop Science
S.NoOrganisation NameCountAmount
40CICR - Central Institute for Cotton Research2653742142552
41CRIJAF - Central Research Institute For Jute and Allied Fibre1310131035615
42CTRI - Central Tobacco Research Institute34296450212
43DGR - Directorate of Groundnut Research890291806377
44DRMR - Directorate of Rapeseed and Mustard Research639257293106
45IARI - Indian Agricultural Research Institute226154975728951
46IGFRI - Indian Grassland and Fodder Research Institute1811278081095
47IIAB - Indian Institute of Agricultural Biotechnology24614170320
48IIMR -Indian Institute of Maize Research927199926031
49IIMR-Indian Institute of Millets Research1150322264487
50IIOR - Indian Institute Of Oilseeds Research1216454319300
51IIPR - Indian Institute of Pulses Reseach1650231102768
52IIRR - Indian Institute of Rice Research1167346589462
53IISR - Indian Institute of Soybean Research814110563743
54IISS-Indian Istitute of Seed Science490163767344
55IISUGR - Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research1990277132565
56IIWBR -Indian Institute of Wheat & Barley Research2029524953363
57NBAIMO - National Bureau of Agricultural Important Microorganisms39554945949
58NBAIR - National Bureau of Agricultural Insect Resources79069538742
59NBPGR - National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources24581040048779
60NCIPM - National Centre for Integrated Pest Management727285661531
61NIBSM - National Institute of Biotic Stress Management431136293829
62NRCPB - National Reserach Centre on Plant Biotechnology1140199014779
63NRRI - National Rice Research Institute21811128651028
64SBI - Sugarcane Breeding Institute954199244238
65VPKAS - Vivekananda Parvatiya Krishi Anusandhan Sansthan1494211007885
S.NoOrganisation NameCountAmount
66CCRI - Central Citrus Research Institute986118696399
67CIAH - Central Institute for Arid Horticulture635163338257
68CIARI(MI) - Central Island Agricultural Research Institute00
69CISH - Central Institute for Subtropical Horticulture2141182348455
70CITH - Central Institute of Temperate Horticulture48756384999
71CPCRI - Central Plantation Crops Research Institute1793383542740
72CPRI - Central Potato Research Institute3160489948645
73CTCRI - Central Tuber Crops Research Institute714151705735
74DCR - Directorate of Cashew Research42265461925
75DFR - Directorate of Floricultural Research29742057811
76DMAPR - Directorate of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Research100174286733
77DMR - Directorate of Mushroom Research589113671219
78DOGR - Directorate of Onion & Garlic Research73257420464
79IIHR - Indian Institute of Horticultural Research3186383961112
80IIOPR - Indian Institute of Oil Palm Research70349990296
81IISR - Indian Institute of Spices Research381108799071
82IIVR - Indian Institute of Vegetable Research1120181781599
83NRCB - National Research Centre for Banana37539234073
84NRCGRAPES - National Research Centre for Grapes81251197216
85NRCL - National Research Centre for Litchi29829657758
86NRCO - National Research Centre for Orchids61231306487
87NRCPom - National Research Centre for Pomegranate46728819848
88NRCSS - National Research Center on Seed Spices45253433169
Natural Resource Management
S.NoOrganisation NameCountAmount
89CAFRI - Central Agroforestry Research Institute591104710540
90CAZRI - Central Arid Zone Research Institute24421040518931
91CCARI - Central Coastal Agricultural Research Institute120591600784
92CRIDA - Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture1326491035543
93CSSRI - Central Soil Salinity Research Institute2899518225461
94CSWCRTI - Central Soil and Water Conservation Research & Training Institute2293275082056
95DWSR - Directorate of Weed Science Research714163819837
96ICARNEH - ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region18848362579
97ICARRCER - ICAR Research Complex for Eastern Region1677368452401
98IIFSR - Indian Institute Of Farming Systems Research1157426699327
99IISS - Indian Institute of Soil Science1229724730511
100IIWM - Indian Institute of Water Management737138901239
101NBSSLUP - National Bureau of Soil Survey and Land Use planning2145574478866
102NIASM - National Institute of Abiotic Stress Management56858636624
103NRCIF - National Research Centre on Integrated Farming17142312808
S.NoOrganisation NameCountAmount
104CIBA - Central Institute of Brackishwater Aquaculture1433373434294
105CIFA - Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture1864548897165
106CIFE - Central Institute of Fisheries Education21741295146048
107CIFRI - Central Inland Fisheries Research Institute2896486829907
108CIFT - Central Institute of Fisheries Technology3438247898446
109CMFRI - Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute60711779029036
110DCFR - Directorate of Coldwater Fisheries Research811154908179
111NBFGR - National Bureau of Fish Genetics Resources1687185951785
Agricultural Economics And Statistics Management
S.NoOrganisation NameCountAmount
112IASRI - Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute2163992572789
113NIAP - National Institute for Agricultural Economics and policy Research35271681378
Head Quarters
S.NoOrganisation NameCountAmount
114ICAR - Indian Council of Agricultural Research30092970478444
115NAIP - National Agricultural Innovative Project00
S.NoOrganisation NameCountAmount
116NAHEP - National Agricultural Higher Education Project206554319898
117NASF - National Agricultural Science Fund328115001938

Invoice created SMD Wise

S.NoSMD NameCountAmount (₹ in Crores)
1 Agricultural Economics And Statistics Management2515106.425416
2 Agricultural Education3008273.054562
3 Agricultural Engineering7229161.108158
4 Agricultural Extension2686430.744110
5 Animal Science30393738.072090
6 Crop Science525091274.173405
7 Fisheries20374507.209486
8 Head Quarters3009297.047844
9 Horticulture21363285.704401
10 Natural Resource Management19342506.756750
11 Others53466.932183