IIPR - Indian Institute of Pulses Reseach
ICAR Grant BE Report 2021-22 (₹ in Rupees)
Printed On:06 May 2021
 SchemeHeadBUDGET(₹ in Crores)
GrantsAICRP on Arid Legumes, KanpurSalary3.396
Sub Total3.396
AICRP on Chickpea, KanpurSalary8.651
Sub Total8.651
AICRP on MULLARP, KanpurSalary10.628
Sub Total10.628
AICRP on Pigeon Pea, KanpurSalary7.499
Sub Total7.499
Sub Total26.350
NEHAICRP on Chickpea, KanpurSalary0.664
Sub Total0.664
AICRP on MULLARP, KanpurSalary1.298
Sub Total1.298
AICRP on Pigeon Pea, KanpurSalary1.372
Sub Total1.372
  Grand Total59.858