Financial Report 2017-18 (₹ in Crores) till 23 Mar 2018 Printed On:24 Mar 2018
Natural Resource Management
S.NoOrganisation NameBudgetRE BudgetReleaseExpenditureBalance
1CAFRI - Central Agroforestry Research Institute11.7210.8711.722.669.06
2CAZRI - Central Arid Zone Research Institute90.26114.14100.3760.1140.26
3CCARI - Central Coastal Agricultural Research Institute14.390.0014.0212.361.66
4CRIDA - Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture37.7936.9374.7219.2955.43
5CSSRI - Central Soil Salinity Research Institute0.0040.4640.4655.67-15.22
6CSWCRTI - Central Soil and Water Conservation Research & Training Institute56.6859.1856.6812.2744.41
7DWSR - Directorate of Weed Science Research11.0211.4211.369.022.34
8ICARNEH - ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region0.
9ICARRCER - ICAR Research Complex for Eastern Region32.510.0010.7731.76-20.99
10IIFSR - Indian Institute Of Farming Systems Research0.000.000.0023.90-23.90
11IISS - Indian Institute of Soil Science16.2017.8617.8615.082.78
12IIWM - Indian Institute of Water Management35.701.0336.7324.1012.64
13NBSSLUP - National Bureau of Soil Survey and Land Use planning0.000.0075.66103.76-28.10
14NIASM - National Institute of Abiotic Stress Management15.360.0017.435.3612.07
15NRCIF - National Research Centre on Integrated Farming0.

Budget & Expenditure of other SMDs(₹ in Crores)

S.NoSMD NameBudgetRE BudgetReleaseExpenditureBalance
1 Agricultural Education147.77144.36151.9296.5955.33
2 Agricultural Engineering147.0841.0596.45130.91-34.46
3 Agricultural Extension259.9280.20228.09629.82-401.73
4 Animal Science434.02593.08662.31620.3941.92
5 Crop Science1021.58334.771132.271027.29104.98
6 Fisheries238.6753.76133.25242.37-109.12
7 Head Quarters467.690.00335.18172.77162.41
8 Horticulture373.8649.49190.99277.71-86.72