Financial Report 2018-2019 (₹ in Crores) till 09 Jan 2019 Printed On:16 Jan 2019
S.NoOrganisation NameBudgetRE BudgetReleaseExpenditureBalance
1CCRI - Central Citrus Research Institute0.
2CIAH - Central Institute for Arid Horticulture0.
3CIARI(MI) - Central Island Agricultural Research Institute0.
4CISH - Central Institute for Subtropical Horticulture0.000.000.0023.23-23.23
5CITH - Central Institute of Temperate Horticulture0.
6CPCRI - Central Plantation Crops Research Institute0.000.000.0050.95-50.95
7CPRI - Central Potato Research Institute62.540.0062.5734.8527.72
8CTCRI - Central Tuber Crops Research Institute28.
9DCR - Directorate of Cashew Research16.320.0016.326.549.78
10DFR - Directorate of Floricultural Research16.000.0012.126.905.22
11DMAPR - Directorate of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Research19.810.0015.906.938.97
12DMR - Directorate of Mushroom Research14.040.0013.795.348.45
13DOGR - Directorate of Onion & Garlic Research11.990.003.5610.25-6.69
14IIHR - Indian Institute of Horticultural Research96.720.0055.5454.780.76
15IIOPR - Indian Institute of Oil Palm Research0.
16IISR - Indian Institute of Spices Research0.
17IIVR - Indian Institute of Vegetable Research0.
18NRCB - National Research Centre for Banana13.110.0013.115.287.83
19NRCGRAPES - National Research Centre for Grapes11.770.0010.825.035.79
20NRCL - National Research Centre for Litchi0.
21NRCO - National Research Centre for Orchids1.
22NRCPom - National Research Centre for Pomegranate8.
23NRCSS - National Research Center on Seed Spices0.

Budget & Expenditure of other SMDs(₹ in Crores)

S.NoSMD NameBudgetRE BudgetReleaseExpenditureBalance
1 Agricultural Education160.460.0087.94112.48-24.54
2 Agricultural Engineering168.320.0084.86136.93-52.07
3 Agricultural Extension315.240.00202.74574.01-371.27
4 Animal Science782.500.00697.02530.50166.52
5 Crop Science696.050.00407.47975.45-567.98
6 Fisheries365.570.00208.54243.08-34.54
7 Head Quarters55.110.000.28124.59-124.32
8 Natural Resource Management404.710.00349.21389.89-40.68