Financial Report 2018-19 (₹ in Crores) till 23 Sep 2018 Printed On:24 Sep 2018
Crop Science
S.NoOrganisation NameBudgetRE BudgetReleaseExpenditureBalance
1CICR - Central Institute for Cotton Research0.000.000.0018.42-18.42
2CRIJAF - Central Research Institute For Jute and Allied Fibre37.990.0037.9911.0026.99
3CTRI - Central Tobacco Research Institute56.490.0032.373.4428.93
4DGR - Directorate of Groundnut Research0.000.000.0012.83-12.83
5DRMR - Directorate of Rapeseed and Mustard Research0.000.000.0018.31-18.31
6IARI - Indian Agricultural Research Institute0.000.000.00173.61-173.61
7IGFRI - Indian Grassland and Fodder Research Institute47.070.003.2526.93-23.68
8IIAB - Indian Institute of Agricultural Biotechnology0.
9IIMR -Indian Institute of Maize Research18.810.0010.712.787.93
10IIMR-Indian Institute of Millets Research0.000.000.0020.53-20.53
11IIOR - Indian Institute Of Oilseeds Research0.000.000.0017.35-17.35
12IIPR - Indian Institute of Pulses Reseach43.
13IIRR - Indian Institute of Rice Research54.
14IISR - Indian Institute of Soybean Research0.
15IISS-Indian Istitute of Seed Science38.680.0021.4212.918.51
16IISUGR - Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research77.390.0077.3929.9947.41
17IIWBR -Indian Institute of Wheat & Barley Research31.730.0031.7337.26-5.53
18NBAIMO - National Bureau of Agricultural Important Microorganisms5.520.000.000.01-0.01
19NBAIR - National Bureau of Agricultural Insect Resources16.390.000.002.02-2.02
20NBPGR - National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources110.240.0033.6159.92-26.31
21NCIPM - National Centre for Integrated Pest Management0.000.000.0017.59-17.59
22NIBSM - National Institute of Biotic Stress Management0.
23NRCPB - National Reserach Centre on Plant Biotechnology0.
24NRRI - National Rice Research Institute107.380.00107.3817.5089.88
25SBI - Sugarcane Breeding Institute45.780.0045.7814.1631.62
26VPKAS - Vivekananda Parvatiya Krishi Anusandhan Sansthan0.

Budget & Expenditure of other SMDs(₹ in Crores)

S.NoSMD NameBudgetRE BudgetReleaseExpenditureBalance
1 Agricultural Education160.460.0087.9471.5016.44
2 Agricultural Engineering144.810.0057.4499.68-42.23
3 Agricultural Extension314.270.00184.97336.13-151.17
4 Animal Science769.470.00645.16312.89332.28
5 Fisheries366.570.00209.54142.8966.65
6 Head Quarters54.560.000.0064.99-64.99
7 Horticulture299.710.00197.97174.5423.43
8 Natural Resource Management365.860.00304.23233.5270.71