Financial Report 2018-19 (₹ in Crores) till 18 Jul 2018 Printed On:21 Jul 2018
Animal Science
S.NoOrganisation NameBudgetRE BudgetReleaseExpenditureBalance
1CARI (AS) - Central Avian Research Institute47.660.0030.943.5927.36
2CIRB - Central Institute for Research on Buffaloes37.390.0038.666.1332.53
3CIRC - Central Institute for Research on Cattle19.940.0019.942.2517.68
4CIRG - Central Institute for Research on Goats0.
5CSWRI - Central Sheep and Wool Research Institute0.
6DPR - Directorate Of Poultry Research29.450.0029.442.0227.42
7IVRI - Indian Veterinary Research Institute314.670.00314.68122.10192.58
8NBAGR - National Bureau of Animal Genetics Resources5.560.005.564.411.15
9NDRI - National Dairy Research Institute222.930.00125.2039.1786.03
10NIANP - National Institute of Animal Nutrition and Physiology9.600.008.700.028.68
11NIHSAD - National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases22.270.0022.272.0120.26
12NIVEDI -National Institute of Veterinary Epidemiology and Disease Informatics0.
13NRCCAMEL - National Research Centre on Camel0.
14NRCEQUINE - National Research Centre on Equines13.310.000.005.28-5.28
15NRCM - National Research Centre on Meat0.
16NRCMITHUN - National Research Centre on Mithun12.230.006.421.215.21
17NRCP - National Research Centre on Pig0.
18NRCYAK - National Reseach Centre on Yak0.
19PDFMD - Project Directorate on Foot and Mouth Disease9.310.009.310.938.38

Budget & Expenditure of other SMDs(₹ in Crores)

S.NoSMD NameBudgetRE BudgetReleaseExpenditureBalance
1 Agricultural Education150.500.0077.9838.0139.97
2 Agricultural Engineering80.920.0032.6779.68-47.01
3 Agricultural Extension304.150.00172.12180.53-8.41
4 Crop Science474.600.00229.41352.28-122.87
5 Fisheries209.490.00209.4991.64117.85
6 Head Quarters43.020.000.0022.38-22.38
7 Horticulture236.610.0074.66115.97-41.31
8 Natural Resource Management365.860.00247.85171.2676.59